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Increasing operational stability and reducing human errors through automation




Our client, a leading business process management organization is a one-stop-hub for performing verifications, collections, back office support services, audits and everything in between. They work for Non Banking Financial Corporations handling about 1.5 -2 million calls annually for tele-verification of two wheeler finance business.


As a business process management company, our client knew that the contact center industry is in midst of drastic transformation. They had an outsized population of current, former and prospective clients, but they posed a solemn problem of managing the processes manually. Initially the contact center operatives use to clerically open the loan forms and call the applicant; co-applicant & guarantor on their Residence & Office phone numbers and fill up all the particulars into excel spreadsheet and deliver it to the client at the end of the day. This course of routine was time intense and prone to error - some cases were missed, and the priceless time of the agents was being exhausted performing data entry tasks. As a result, the business was incapable to keep pace with the abundance of the cases and quality to the clients.


We developed the CRM from score where in a file is imported into the CRM and then according to the language and preference of the customers, the cases will thus be showcased to the operatives on their screen. Depending on the state and language preferences we allocated the cases to the relevant operatives.

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