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They are an open source community site for designers and anyone who likes to tinker. They welcome users from all walks of life whether you are an expert or a beginner just looking to try something new. They are all about DIY (Do it yourself) concept. They believe in a free exchange of information. They encourage you to create, remix and share. Show the world your ideas and inspire those around you to do the same on of ideas leads to innovation and inspiration.


Our client, Madexme faced the real problems in outsourcing their work. Our client put forward a retained team in place to manage the outsourcing implementation and ongoing operations, the team did not have the right skills required for their roles. Our client’s previous developers had the inability to meet pent-up demand for services. And lately they also started countering basic software issues. Their app did not have the proper structure. Also, their coding was in a mess. There were no logics in their app and had the same function getting repeated. They wanted a change and thus were looking for someone to rescue them from the difficulty they were having. Our client came to us with a vision of developing their app from phase-i to phase- ii. When our developers had a look at the app from the designing and construction point of view, we found a lot of loopholes


We suggested our client that we would develop the app from scratch. Our client realized the situation and waved the green flag to us. Our specialized team put their foot on the pedal and started with this project. It is important to establish quality priorities and release criteria for the project so that a plan is constructed to help the team achieve quality software. We delivered the best software practices and developed a classic web application for Madexme.