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Easy and Safe Medical Supplies Order Management


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It’s actually critical when dealing with multiple products, the range of clients and multiple industries. Maintaining a log of every product, especially when dealing with drugs, supplies and services are actually tiring. This is what kept our client on their toes and they approached us to find a solution to simplify their everyday functioning. They required a straightforward and stepwise navigation to track your orders. This is what we did for managing their medical products and supplies. Let’s have a walkthrough of the entire features, processes and the solution we offered.


During this project we encountered several challenges due to the nature of the business and the domain it functioned. The first challenge was the huge repository of drugs. It was actually challenging to manage such a huge inventory of products from back end to display it on the front end accurately updating the inventory each time new editions or modifications are done. It was equally a big task to incorporate reorder feature in the frontend to clone the same order. Assigning drugs to various patients on the go after checkout required accurate inventory selection flawlessly. Yet another challenge was to create the account of new patients when it is not available in list. It all required myriads of repetitive tasks and brain-storming to define the accurate navigation of the project. Our expert team of developers could manage the project single-handedly and seamlessly and delivered it on time to the satisfaction of the client.


Easy Order Management
Faster, simpler and accurate order management solution saving time of the Pharma Company and their customers. Customers can order from anywhere through mobile, laptop etc. without making calls or sending emails.
Unified Data Management
No more payments chase up! Know at a glance who owes what. Analytical study of ordered products leads to insights into best seller products and customers preferences.
Easy Access to Stock for Customers
A customer can easily see what all is available in stock using this solution and the prices without contacting the company and waiting for reply.
Reduced Paperwork
Minimal documentation required. No more sending of scan/photocopy/photo of their orders.
Wider Market Exposure
It catapults exposure of business as prospects can review the layout of the products the Pharma Company has to offer.