Application to software to guard your videos from being stolen




VidProtect is software to guard your videos from being stolen. All the incredible and dynamic software out there helps you create the market videos you have probably ended up tonnes and tonnes of eminent videos that you use in your marketing and if you don’t know you will soon


How would you feel if those videos could be stolen and far gone away with the click of a button? Automated software systems out there that can do this on a habitual basis. Explore and hunt for videos and steal millions of video every day. The real task here for was to prevent the videos from getting stolen from your website or domain. The real deal here is that when someone steals your videos, every time a visitor gets to the page with stolen content. They get redirected to your original link so instead of leaking traffic to hacker and content they feed you to keep traffic security and you get their traffic Would you want video training, webinar replays, explain your videos, affiliate videos, any other type of video completely stolen. So that another website gets all the intrinsic worth, gets all the traffic, revenue and you get nil. Stolen videos put together up to a 200 million visitors in a year. That’s how much traffic is getting leaked from your videos and other people’s videos.


VidProtect his all cloud based, which means you can set it up in use it from anywhere. Even from your smart phone or tablet. With our own fully responsive design, it will keep all your videos completely protected and impossible to steal. All you have to do is log into our platform, insert your video link by the way this works with any video hosting. Once you are through with this you select domain names, the video was allowed to be on. Now, you’re good to go.