Who The CEO Should Be Hiring For The Key Position In His Company?

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CEO Hiring Key Position in Company

A few friends met at a casual party. All settled with a C-Level position either in their family-owned business or Multinational Company.

A discussion aroused on “Who the Chief Executive Officer “CEO” should be hiring for the key position in his Company?”

Here are some interesting opinions and remarkable arguments they made:

Bharadwaj started sharing his opinion the CEO should appoint his fellow friends. Friends from school or college or past companies whom he has worked with already because he knows and is well aware of their character and abilities. As such his point was they can be trusted.

Vishlakh disagreed.

He said there’s likely a chance that hiring friends or colleagues on a key position in the Company may disregard him at any point in time. Its a possibility. Rather he advised to select them from confidants. For fear of secrets being revealed, they will not go against him ever.

Parikshit points out flaws in Vishlakh’s arguments.

Because the exposure of secrets will affect the CEO and his key position holders equally. The danger of exposure can make the CEO a puppet in the hands of the key position holders. More the CEO confides in a person – more he becomes dependant on him.

Hence, only those who can protect the CEO & Company should be appointed on the key level position.

But Bharat does not agree with Parikshit.

He thinks that even an expert of law can’t make a good key position holder if he lacks practical experience. CEO should appoint only those who are intelligent, trustworthy, brave and loyal to the key position in the Company.

Harry, what do you think? Asked Bharadwaj.

Serving the CEO without fear of losing anything should be his duty and primary objective. It isn’t a proof of intelligence which is the highest quality of a key position holder. Only those who prove their efficiency by carrying out such special functions should hold the key position.

Krishnamurthy couldn’t resist.

He doesn’t agree with this and argues that administration comes from inheritance. And in spite of any risks or failures in business, such executives will not abandon the CEO & Company.

But Ved doesn’t agree with this argument of Krishnamurthy.

As he believes key positions appointed through heredity can control the CEO. Therefore a righteous CEO should appoint key position holders who’ll never disobey him.

The last one Vishnu after hearing everyone out.

Everyone from Bharadwaj to Bharat is correct based on their relevance with time, place and emotions.

A person’s ability is dependant upon the success of his achievements. His deeds reflect this intelligence. Therefore the CEO shouldn’t rule out his colleagues, friends, and family altogether. The CEO should appoint key position holders on the basis of their learning, intelligence, morals, virtue, vices, courage and time period.

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