How Do I Create A Redirect For A Website

Man Connecting to Different Networks for accesing Website

There are 2 ways you can forward or redirect a website:

  1. Using your Domain Panel &
  2. Using your Web Hosting or cPanel

Using your Domain Panel

Step 1: This is the website I would like to redirect to

So this url will be forwarded or redirected to

I am using Godaddy for this example and you may be using another domain or hosting company so it may be a little bit different but overall the process is the same so this is the Godaddy Account that I am logged into.

You will find My Domains section and it will list down your Domain Names that you’ve got you basically need to choose the one that you wish to redirect and then click on it.

GoDaddy My Domains Checkbox Selection Screenshot

Step 2: And then you’ll be brought to this page right here you need to go to the forwarding section and then click on this manage link on this screen you need to click this link that says Add one now.

GoDaddy My Domains Forwarding Domain Screenshot

Step 3: And then you here you need to enter your url to where you want the domain to redirect to.

GoDaddy Forwarding Settings Forward To Screenshot

Step 4: In the next section choose 301 (Permanent) or 302 (Temporary) and than finally if you scroll down here or you see these 2 options see you’ve got Forward Only or Forward with Masking. So Masking helps hide the forwarded domain url and I will be choosing Forwarding with Masking. And once you choose Forward with Masking you have to put in these details Title, Description, Keywords and than click the Add button. And than finally Save.

Step 5: And then when you go to your Settings tabs you will see that now it has been listed there that URL that needs to be forwarded.

GoDaddy Forwarding Settings in View Mode

Step 6: This could take in some cases one hour or in my case it was just a few minutes then you can go back to the URL that is redirected and make sure that its working.

Finally! is redirecting to

Using your Web Hosting or cPanel

Step 1: Log into your cPanel. Go to Redirects icon under Domains section.

Step 2: In the Type section choose if you want to create a Permanent (301) or Temporary (302) redirect. Generally, any redirects will be Permanent (which is the default).

cPanel Redirect Step2

Step 3: In the next drop-down choose the domain you want to forward.

cPanel Redirect Step3

Step 4: If you want to redirect a specific file (such as info.html) enter it in the blank forward slash ‘/’ field.

cPanel Redirect Step4

Step 5: In the Redirects to box enter the domain you want the traffic redirected to.

cPanel Redirect Step5

Step 6: In the “www. redirection” section choose how you want to handle ‘www’ redirects. The www redirection option allows you to configure how to handle redirects in regard to the www subdomain. For example, you can only apply the redirect when www is included (or when it is not), or you can apply the redirect regardless of whether the user types in www or not. We also have a full guide on Redirecting Your Domain to www or non-www URL.

cPanel Redirect Step6

Step 7: Choose if you want to do a Wild Card redirect. If you plan on redirecting all pages within to, then choose the option for a Wild Card Redirect. For example, selecting this option would redirect to Notice that everything after (in this example “page.html” ) was added after

cPanel Redirect Step7

Step 8: Once you are done, click on “Add”

cPanel Redirect Step8

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