Why choose the Laravel Framework for web development?

Laravel Framework

In today’s era, you will observe an increase in the demand for web development through the Laravel framework. Apart from online stores, companies still think about the framework when they wish to develop an application for their business. As every day passes by, almost 4% of websites are developed on Laravel across the globe.

What’s more – many countries like Japan, China, and the USA are gaining an edge in the IT service sector through the years. Besides, with the increase in cybercrimes, Gen-Z has chosen Laravel for better security and privacy.

demand for web development through the Laravel framework

Do you know why the Laravel PHP framework is still trending today? Well, it’s because of the ecosystem that’s offered by the framework. While the framework is easy to use, it also has many features that enable the business to stay ahead

So, in this article, let’s dive into why you must choose the framework.

Why is Laravel far better than other PHP frameworks?

Whenever developers have many choices for web development, they will always prefer Laravel for Backend Development Framework. To start with, Laravel offers the functionality of a modern web application.

Offers a Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture

As compared to many frameworks, you will observe certain practices with Laravel web development. The pattern of the MVC architecture distinguishes business logic and the user interface.

Offers a Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture

Once you are clear about the presentation view and the logic, it can help to improve performance. The web developer also finds a better way to build small-scale and large-scale applications differently. They actually don’t have to bother about anything, even when they get busy writing large volumes of code.

Now, regarding the various functions, the MVC model offers an ultimate authentication system with Object Relational Mapping (ORM) and pagination. (Don’t know what we are talking about? We’ll talk about these a while later.)

As soon as the developers use the built-in functions, the MVC helps to find the files in the logical directories. You will actually not have a hard time finding the files even when it’s involved with a large software project. On the other hand, ORM eases the way of connecting with a database.

On the whole, a software engineer can gain control over a certain web app and think about improvements

Provides Object-Oriented Libraries for Developers

While you consider the Laravel framework for web development, developers can use more than 20 object-oriented libraries. These help them to build a robust web application. Way ahead, the developer can think about adopting certain principles for responsive web application development.

The best part of the framework is that there are some libraries that you will not find in any PHP framework. For instance, the authentication library helps to ensure the security for the database with Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection and encryption. Moreover, there are some libraries that are also supported in Symfony apart from Laravel.

Once the developer writes the code with the development practices in mind, he can modify and maintain it in the future.

Comes with a command line interface (CLI)

If the developer has to carry out some maintenance and programming tasks, then the command line interface offers access to many services and functions. He can simply write the commands in plain language and execute the tasks with ease.

Wondering what the name of the CLI is? Well, it’s nothing but Artisan. Such a kind of CLI can be used to effectively move ahead with database management, publish package assets, and more.

But, apart from the interface, the web developers can implement the custom commands and thereby extend the overall functionality. This ultimately speeds up the development process because it reduces the need to carry out repetitive tasks.

Supports database migration effectively

We all know that data is always precious more than anything else. So, it’s important to manage and update the data repositories. But what if we tell you that it’s easy to keep everything in sync without the need for SQL queries?

We all know that data is always precious more than anything else. So, it’s important to manage and update the data repositories. But what if we tell you that it’s easy to keep everything in sync without the need for SQL queries?

Well, it’s true because Laravel keeps you away from the hassle of maintaining an extra SQL file. Modifying the database table in a simple way is all that you need to do.

Above all, maintaining data becomes easy with the help of the data interface. You can later create through the features of migration for database by Laravel.

Supports database migration effectively

Features a Blade Template Engine

When the developer is looking forward to develop web pages with comfort, then he can use the intuitive and lightweight template known as ‘the Blade Template.’ It is at those instances when the concept of content seeding comes into the picture.

Content seeding means that you can process the code in the source template, and the output will appear in the respective text file.

Adding on to this feature, you can always make changes in the PHP file without writing any extra code. This is simply a game changer, is it?

Offers Enhanced Web Application Security

As you present a snapshot of your business through a website, its security is something that you have to keep in mind. So, with the use of the PHP framework, you can expect robust user authentication with less risk of unauthorized access.

Enhanced Web Application Security

Even when you have a list of credentials stored in the database, you can stop worrying about anything. The bcrypt hashing algorithm generates a new hash every time the password is stored. Hence, when someone is about to figure out the password, he will just find it tough to crack.

Beyond the above point, the framework reduces the risk of SQL injection attacks to the SQL statements that have already been defined. Thus, you can have a sound sleep even when the website is running 24 x 7.

Strong community support

While you always know that technology is evolving day by day, you can’t deny the fact that you need to stay updated. Hence, to support the developers a bit further, a platform known as Laracast was built.

With the use of Laracast, developers can now move ahead in learning the framework and more about Laravel design principles. Well, this is something unique with Laravel because this feature is not present with frameworks like CodeIgniter and CakePHP.

Eventually, professionals get relief when there’s a community to support the development process. They can roll up their sleeves to build robust web apps as per the needs of the client.

Enables to detect bugs with automated testing

Now, let’s accept the fact that manual testing can actually consume a lot of time. You may have many things to complete on your ‘To Do’ list, but if you spend time doing manual testing, then it may become impossible to get through the day smoothly. But the good news with Laravel is that it enables you to do automated testing.

Apart from being time efficient, automated testing is quite accurate than manual testing. Once you move ahead with such kind of testing, it secures the web app against unexpected incidents. The developer no longer has to worry about crashes or errors, even when they have to follow the requirements for an initial app.

detect bugs with automated testing

Now, here are some in-built methodologies that can help you trace a bug earlier than ever.

Laravel Airlock –

This helps you detect a threat easily. In fact, this feature enables developers to work together at the same time with a secure channel.

Object Relational Mapping (ORM) –

Even when systems are not similar to one another, the ORM eases the interaction between the database and the application. A professional can also create a virtual database for faster data exchange.

More routing speed –

If you come across Laravel 7.4.5, the speed is much better than the earlier version. This can increase the performance of the web application to a certain extent.

Offers a Task Scheduling Mechanism

Whenever you want to carry out certain commands, you can use Laravel’s Cron to set aside a certain time span. You can also think about removing inactive users with the help of Laravel’s Cron.

Task Scheduling Mechanism

Thereafter, you can also create a “Task Table” when someone completes a certain task. In the end, you will be happy to save time and manual labor, which would have been spent on tasks that take a lot of time.

Presents a project environment

When you observe Laravel developers, they are actually working with comfort and are at ease. Well, this is just because of the integrated project environment Laravel offers. Even when the developer gets busy with a complicated programming task, the environment simplifies everything.

With the framework, the developer will be able to code in a better way. He can then think about web development with the requirements of the client. Moreover, the Laravel libraries also come with an auto-complete feature, which you will not find in other PHP frameworks.

Finally, if you’re still wondering about the benefits of using Laravel for a business, then read further.

Laravel always enables to build secure and scalable web apps. The good thing is that the framework can accommodate many databases at the same time. This makes the web app capable of dealing with several users without affecting the overall performance.

Through the integration of third-party apps, it can help users to use the existing resources. This saves the effort of building new apps right from the beginning.

With a robust architecture, Laravel can also improve the application’s performance as compared to many other frameworks.

How can Cre8ive Labs help you with web app development?

As we are good at developing applications, we help small and medium-scale businesses to transform ideas into reality. Innovation and agility are two things that set Cre8ive Labs apart in the competitive world.

While we are more than happy to help you in every way, we always make sure to adhere to the business goals. A custom web app solution with the best technology drives us to present a reliable application. Even when we build apps through the open source Laravel framework, we ensure that it’s useful for everybody working in a business environment.

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