What Research Should You Do Before Buying A Website Domain

There’s either one of two situations when buying a domain name.


  1.  You have a company name and need to find that company name on the internet
  2.  you’re just now starting a business and you have that flexibility to kind of pick and choose any kind of name

In the first situation you need to get a .com domain name and second goal is it’s easily memorable. Unfortunately .com domains are all taken up these days. I don’t want to say completely taken up but all the short domain names that are under six characters and a lot of the common names have been bought up. It wasn’t this way 10 years ago but now its very difficult.

If you have to have a .com domain which is a good thing because everybody understands what a .com is. You’re going to have to sort of do some magic there to get to find one you know by using dashes or by possibly using misspellings which is not necessarily a good thing you’re going to have to settle basically unless you’re willing to spend money unless that domain name that you want is owned by a squatter and in that case you could just give them whatever they want it’s a bidding process and you’ll eventually get it but that’s another conversation for another time.

In the second situation If you’re lucky enough to have the flexibility to pick one then you’re in good shape because there are many .com’s out there to this day that you could you choose from and I’ll discuss what to do in that respect.

Your Situation

  • Your Forced To Use Specific Name
  • You Have Flexibility

So again what is it what is a good domain name if it’s under ten characters if you can get the .com that would be absolutely awesome and .co, .io as would be my second choice

the name is simple to to remember it doesn’t necessarily have to be directly related to what you do as a business or what you want to do but if it’s memorable.

If you can avoid using dashes as dashes aren’t necessarily good for helping people. Finding a name so there are a lot of websites out there that will help you with finding words and after they find the word that you’re looking for they will tell you whether or not it’s available as a .com or .net and other extensions. This saves a ton of time. One of those companies is called Business Name Ideas – Free Help & Advice – Cool Name Ideas.

The Best Names

  • Short Under 10 Characters
  • Use The .com or .net TLD
  • Simple To Remember
  • Don’t Use Dashes

The main differentiator of the site Business Name Ideas – Free Help & Advice – Cool Name Ideas is they ask you some questions that are really great.

Step 1. Enter word(s) that describe your Business?

What words would best describe your company so let’s pretend I have a pool company. I’ll type in pool, water.

Step 2. What Type of Business are you naming?

To stand out from other competitors and as I’m known for getting things done quickly so I’ll type in quick. We fight to make your water crystal, Crystal colored water so I’ll type in crystal.

Step 3. What Benefit(s) will your Business bring to the Customer?

These are not normally asked by the name finding websites so we’ll select low price.

Step 4. What style of business are you naming?

They’re asking for like almost characteristics here masculine passion let’s do happy, joy and then it wants to make sure you’re not a robot stop the automated robots from scraping their content.

Step 5. Hit generate domain or domains.

It’s going to go out and begin checking their database and it will return suggested names now.

The name you liked and the domain is available but is not available on Twitter so that’s also you know it’s kind of a consideration when choosing a domain name these days. Social media has become so desirable that when you sign up with your social media it’s also awesome and great to have the domain name as the username for LinkedIN, Twitter and Facebook.

That’s business name generator to really come up with names.

I recommend it for finding names. There’s some other ones here Domain Name Generator is a good one they provide some tools and Lean Domain Search is also very good.

Finding A Name

The best registrar’s in my opinion there’s two registers that are the best the number one my favorite all-time favorite registrar is called Namecheap they’re very popular they’ve been around for a long time.

GoDaddy is also a good company. One of the benefits with GoDaddy is that if you want to transfer the domain which means move the ownership of the domain to one go to any account to another it’s very simple typically doing a domain name transfers highly is fairly complex there’s all kinds of steps and sometimes you’re not sure when if you did the step right and whether or not the thing is still in progress and it’s fairly complex but when you’re doing it with GoDaddy its easy from like from one GoDaddy account to another.

The Best Registrars

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